Air Buccaneers is out now on Steam


I’m delighted to report that the slow-paced, balloon-based game that is Air Buccaneers is now available on Steam for £11.99 or $15. Air Buccaneers is a curious and amazing thing, all about rickety wooden airships blasting away at each other with cannons and rockets. There’s boarding actions with muskets and swordfights, there’s heroic swinging on ropes and there’s the gentle creak of oak and rope as you try to get your ship to turn fast enough to line up a broadside. Click through for the launch video.

The game began life as an Unreal mod some eight years ago and it was excellent even then. Now, it has a shinier and much more modern game engine but it still (at least as far as I can tell) keeps its quite extraordinary combat largely as it used to be. You can find it right here.
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