AirBuccaneers is free on Steam, so hop in a ship and shoot a pirate

AirBuccaneers free on Steam

AirBuccaneers takes the age-old rivalry between Vikings and pirates, and launches it into the sky. Airships, people! That’s what it’s all about. Shifty looking blokes launching cannonballs at balloons, hirsute fellows leaping from deck to deck, loads of people falling all the time. It’s grand. And now, it’s free on Steam.

Last week, the two-year-old game had its price stripped from it in honour of its anniversary. “Soon it´s the end of the year and the Ragnarok is getting closer,” writes developer Ludocraft, ominously.

You’d have to be more plastered than a pirate soaking in a barrel of rum to not grab this right bloody now.

It’s a simple, but immensely entertaining team game, with players taking the helm of a ship, manning its guns, or just waiting around on deck until there’s a chance to board an enemy vessel. Slow, relaxing journeys into the clouds are broken up with fire and explosions as ships collide and launch missile barrages at unfortunate enemies.

Here’s a slice of what you’ll be in for:

Cheers, RPS.