Alan Wake 2, Max Payne dev has “major” games out before 2025

Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind Alan Wake 2, the Max Payne reboots, Control 2 and more says it has four games out between 2023 and 2025, approximately

Alan Wake 2 is amongst four games Remedy is releasing in the next three years

Remedy Entertainment confirms that it has four games in the pipeline that it aims to release “between 2023 and 2025” – and while the Alan Wake 2 release date is just reconfirmed as 2023, these new games will likely include Control 2 and the recently announced Max Payne remakes.

In a meeting today with investors, Remedy provides an update on its development roadmap across the board and new details on all of its upcoming games. First up is Alan Wake 2, which Remedy finally announced at the Game Awards in December and is “in the full production stage” – with its release date still on track for next year.

Remedy is happy that the reaction to the reveal of the Max Payne 1 and 2 remakes that Rockstar is funding was “overwhelmingly positive”, and the team is “very excited” to be working on them. The studio also has two new Control games coming – first a multiplayer spin-off, then “a bigger Control game” that is likely a full Control 2 sequel and is currently “in the concept stage and its prototyping continues”. Apparently, this team’s main focus is building “the required technology and tools” to power multiple Remedy games.

Finally, there’s a “free-to-play co-operative game” codenamed Vanguard that is being co-published by Tencent, and is also in “the proof-of-concept stage” although the team “has made good progress” this year apparently.

As for the release dates, Remedy states that it has “four game projects in development” and expects to have multiple “major game launches between 2023 and 2025”. Alan Wake 2 is confirmed for 2023, so at least one out of the two Control games, Max Payne, and Vanguard should be out before 2025.

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