Monument Valley dev reveals new game Alba, and it looks beautiful

UsTwo's new game is inspired by nature and the team's childhood memories

Monument Valley developer UsTwo has a new game in the works and it’s coming to PC. It’s called Alba: a Wildlife Adventure and you can catch the teaser trailer below to get a glimpse of what it’s all about.

Details about the project are thin on the ground right now, but we do know that the upcoming PC game is about coming together to make a difference. It’s inspired by the team’s love of nature and the time the development team spent in Mediterranean during their childhood. That’s why it’s also being described as a deeply personal story.

If you watch the trailer below, you’ll find some objects on the beach in the form of the studio’s previous projects, which we reckon could be hinting at possible themes of environmentalism and saving nature. Either way, our interest is piqued. Few games can pry us from our beloved rigs, but Monument Valley is undoubtedly one of them. The beautiful mobile game tasks you with twisting architecture to solve puzzles, and is generally a good time.

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