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Colossal Steam MMO Albion Online unveils next big free update

Albion Online has just shown off a little of what players can expect from the Paths to Glory update, following the end of Season 23.

Colossal Steam MMO Albion Online unveils next big free update: A magic user smiles as she readies her staff.

Albion Online is a game that has a huge following across the world but largely manages to stay off the radar. The free-to-play MMO continues to grow and evolve, with several years of updates behind it and a promised long future ahead. The next big update has just been unveiled via a developer diary video, and it’s chock-full of quality of life tweaks and more.

Coming to the MMORPG in July, Paths to Glory will unleash a ton of new stuff to make Albion Online players’ lives easier. The core of the update focuses around bringing some structure to adventuring, something newer players desperately need. Titled the Albion Journal, it’ll comprise a list of challenges and associated rewards, helping let you know where to go and what to do. Essential guidance given how wide and open the sandbox MMO is.

Away from the journal, there’s plenty of changes that should make playing Albion Online a smoother experience, most of which have come directly from the community. Guilds will be able to own more than one island, with one per Royal City being available. Each of these islands will have its own theme and look, inspired by the city it calls parents. Players will soon see themselves become more powerful too, with the ability to double charge weapons in combat hitting the game. All spells will also be available for weapons of tier four and above, giving players far more options when diving into battle.

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The Roads of Avalon should become a little less frustrating and more clear to navigate in this update. Connections back to the open world will be adjusted and there’ll be an increase in general levels of activity throughout, meaning there should always be something to do, kill, and loot when traversing this semi-interdimensional zone. Even outside of the Roads of Avalon, spawn rates are going to be adjusted depending on how much activity is going on in each server. The busier a server, the more treasure, resources, and mobs will spawn – making it much easier to grab something when you need it with less waiting around.

If you’d like to check out the full update, head over to the official website to get all the details you need. Albion Online is free-to-play and you can check it out on Steam.

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