American McGee is fed up of people asking him about Alice 3


American McGee would like everyone to stop asking him where Alice 3 is. It’s not being made and he doesn’t have the ability to make it happen. “Please, stop asking me this question or questions in general related to a new Alice game,” he says. It probably doesn’t help that he put his name in the title of the first game…

Alice 3 might not be happening but there are plenty of great adventure games to play instead.

If it existed, Alice 3 would be the next game in McGee’s Alice game series – the first two being American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns. The latter was released back in 2011 and we haven’t heard much about the series since.

Why are people asking him about another sequel then? Well, it might be due to McGee’s involvement in the Alice: Otherlands animated film, which was funded on Kickstarter back in 2013.

However, writing in a blog post, McGee clarifies that the project only acquired the film rights to Alice, and it’s EA that have the game rights. What this means is that for Alice 3 to happen, EA would have to fund, produce, publish, and distribute it. It’s not something that McGee himself has any say in.

“No, EA will NOT allow me (or anyone else) to crowd fund, raise investment for, or otherwise self-develop, self-fund, or self-publish any interactive version of Alice,” McGee writes.

“I HAVE NO CONTROL over the Alice rights, EA’s decision-making process, or anything at all related to Alice, Alice merchandise, Alice adaptations, etc, etc,” he continues. “EA are aware that you’d like a new Alice game and that RJ Berg and I would be happy to assist in the design, writing, and development of such. We simply need to wait until EA think the time is right for a new game.”

If you’re wondering, that last bit does mean McGee thinks an Alice 3 could happen one day. “There probably WILL BE another Alice game before we all die,” he writes, “but your requests, ideas, and harebrained schemes to make that happen faster should be sent to EA, not me.”

McGee also uses the blog post as an opportunity to plug his new projectOut of the Woods. It’s a “table top card game,illustrated book, coloring book and collection of art prints inspired by ten classic fairy tales.” It’ll be on Kickstarter soon.

Thanks, PC Gamer.