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Alien: Isolation screenshots are dark, dirty and filled with android entrails

Alien: Isolation screenshots

The Sevastopol, Alien: Isolation’s abandoned space station, is a bloody dirty place. It looks a lot like scenes from the middle of an episode of Grand Designs, where the owners suddenly realise they are 50 grand over budget, the builders have run away, forgetting their tools, and the whole site is a gigantic mess. 

There’s also an alien hunting them down.

You don’t tend to find gruesome android carcasas in building sites, though. But you do see a few of them in the Alien franchise, so that makes these screenshots feel a bit more homey.

Very dismal. And no xenomorph in sight! There’s actually something inherently more terrifying about not seeing the alien. You know it’s out there, hiding, watching, likely drooling. And any second from now it’s going to jump out at you and you’ll dirty your underwear. Bloody xenomorphs.

Steve had some hands-on time with the game recently, and got a wee bit scared. “Alien: Isolation is a genuinely scary thing, perhaps the most frightening Alien game ever,” he said in his preview.

Alien: Isolation will leap out of a vent later this year.

Cheers, PCGamer.