Alien: Isolation gets Oculus Rift support; it’s like having a facehugger on you while you play

Alien: Isolation Oculus Rift support

Scary androids are almost as scary as scary xenomorphs. This is what the Alien: Isolation E3 trailer has taught me. The lifeless eyes and not-quite-human, expressionless face. Awful stuff. 

Creative Assembly’s put together a few clips of Amanda Ripley freaking out, breathing heavily and exploring the station she’s stuck on with the xenomorph, androids and men with guns. 

I’m sure that the recently revealed Oculus Rift support is going to make it a relaxing adventure. 

The Oculus demo is doing the rounds at E3, so hopefully Rob and Tim, who have hitchhiked all the way to LA, will find some time to have a few scares. If there’s a Creative Assembly rep nearby to tap them on the shoulder just as they encounter the xenomorph, even better.

I was a little worried about the presence of human enemies with firearms in Isolation, since that sort of puts a pin in the isolation bit. But from the sounds of it, the humans add another interesting dimension, becoming victims of the xenomorph, drawing its attention with their shouting and shooting. Silly humans.

“Things get interesting when human AI and alien AI occupy the same space,” said Steve in today’s preview. “The human enemies aren’t as adept at hiding from the alien as you are. They’ll carelessly fire their weapons at you, creating huge amounts of noise and drawing the xenomorph towards themselves. You can fire your pistol at them to murder them, but when the alien inevitably arrives as a result, you’ll be the only warm-blooded bag of meat left standing for it to spear on its tail. It’s still best to hide.”

Excitement increasing along with fear levels. I would have to be tied up before I’d play it with a Rift strapped to my noggin though. Alien: Isolation is due out on October 7th.