Alien: Isolation Oculus Rift support enabled with a couple of .ini changes

alien isolation oculus rift creative assembly

Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation has been scaring our collective pants off and that was without strapping on a virtual reality headset. Now, with a couple of tweaks to the game’s .ini file, you can put on your Oculus Rift and have the xenomorph try to tear your eyes out of their sockets.

Neogaffers /u/popcorncrackle, /u/hagg87, and /u/Wookiee81 discovered the tweaks while exploring Alien: Isolation’s DATA bin.

If you go to the game’s DATA folder, and open the ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML file in Notepad then track down the stereo options and change them to:

Next set the Oculus to extended mode and in the oculus configuration utility pause the service.

Boom. You’re ready to go.

It even works with positional tracking.

So, head down to the shops, buy some nappies, some emergency recuperation chocolate, and let your neighbours know you’re not being murdered, your screams are just you playing a video game.

If you can’t bring yourself to play Alien: Isolation just yet then you can read Steve’s review or watch Fraser play instead.