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Alien: Isolation PC trailer shows why it’s silly to run from an alien

alien isolation trailer PC creative assembly sega

Both the Alien: Isolation preview events I’ve attended started the same way, someone telling me: “Don’t run from the alien. You won’t escape.” The AI xenomorph will hear you and give chase, cutting you down before you can get away.

Rather than tell those of you eagerly anticipating October’s release of Alien: Isolation, Creative Assembly have made video showing what happens when you run.

So, that Alien: Isolation video:

That didn’t go so well.

I’ve spent about eight hours with Alien: Isolation so far and that little video holds true for a lot of my experience. You don’t ever run. Instead you hide under tables and watch helplessly as the alien prowls the area around you. Even taking out your motion sensor can attract its attention.

The only time I’ve found running has lengthened my lifespan one jot is when I can run faster than any of the NPC humans in the environment. Then it’s a matter of keeping ahead of the bloody chaos.

We’ve less than a month till we can be scared to death in our own homes, Sega’s announced Alien: Isolation’s release date is 7 October in the US and UK. Till then fill your boots with Steve’s two previews, back when the game was announced and just before E3.