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Alien: Isolation - In space, a xenomorph can hear you shoot

Alien: Isolation trailer

With Alien: Isolation less than a month away, Creative Assembly are offering up some quick tips for players-to-be. We’ve already been warned not to run away – because the xenomorph is pretty good at chasing, and will just slide its tail into your back and through your heart. And now we’re getting some more advice. 

Don’t. Shoot. 

While Alien: Isolation lets Ripley Jr. play with guns of the both the hand-made and handgun variety, shooting isn’t always a good idea. Indeed, the game can be played without killing anyone. But when you’re faced with angry humans or helpful androids that just want to put you to sleep, it’s easy to get carried away and fire off a few rounds.

This might be a bad idea.

Xenomorphs like their peace and quiet, and the slimey, acidic monster will probably get in a right old mood if it hears gunshots. And then it will find you. And kill you.

It’s is due out on October 7th. Take a gander at Jules’ Gamescome 2014: Hands-on with Alien: Isolation to see if it’s your cup of tea.