Free Alien: Isolation update adds new difficulty modes for masochists and scaredy cats

New Alien: Isolation difficulty modes

Alien: Isolation just sprouted some new modes today in a free update. Creative Assembly has been tweaking the difficulty, and has put together a nightmare and novice mode for those that want to ramp up or tone down the challenge. 

To the former, I say this: you are out of your nut. 

Nightmare mode sounds properly horrible. Clearly it’s been designed exclusively for people who have actually been stuck on space station with an impossibly dangerous hunter and want to experience that horror all over again.

The motion detector has a broken screen and its information is unreliable, resources are scarcer, survivors and androids are more dangerous, and the xenomorph has been given an upgrade.

“In this heightened, terrifying atmosphere, our Alien will be hunting you like never before. With an upgraded AI that has amplified its fatal hostility, every step you take may be your last. Our monster is more adaptive, learning from your tactics with chilling speed and with intensified senses that will give you no second chances…”


Novice mode is more my speed. It changes the focus of the game from harrowing survival affair to slightly more laid back exploration adventure, but there’s still a nasty alien hunting you down, of course.

Ammo and resources are more plentiful, enemies are less aggressive, and the xenomorph is easier to distract and not quite as dogged as he normally is.

You can start news games in these modes now.

As an added bonus, both modes get lovely movie posters, which you can download here.