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More survival advice for Alien: Isolation - vents are horrible death traps

Alien: Isolation trailer

I am thoroughly enjoying these wee Alien: Isolation vignettes, even though they promise screams and pant-wetting terror. The latest piece of advice from Creative Assembly is just generally excellent advice even if you aren’t trapped on a space station with a hungry xenomorph. 

Don’t linger in the air vents. 

No doubt the game will force Ripley Jr. to travel through quite a few of these death traps, but at least we now know that it’s best to keep moving. Unless the alien is waiting ahead of her.

Mind you, both her mum and Newt managed to survive in vents, so who is to say we won’t manage. I mean, we won’t – we’re all going to die horribly, but we can dream.

Alien: Isolation is due out on October 7th.