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Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Team Fortress 2 gets Alien: Isolation items

Alien: Isolation items in Team Fortress 2

In the long list of things that the Alien series is known for, there are three things that rise to the top – elements that, if they didn’t exist, would make the films – and subsequently Alien: Isolation – less impactful. 

There’s the terror-inducing, nightmarish claustrophobia; the purposefully uncomfortable sexual overtones; and, of course, Team Fortress 2 hats. Yesterday number three would have been reserved for Ripley’s awesome perm, but no longer. 

Yes, Team Fortress 2 is getting a bunch of new items inspired by Creative Assembly’s terrifying horror game.

Grabbing the game on Steam before October 7th will unlock three items for Valve’s colourful multiplayer shooter, including – judging by the image – an absolutely amazing xenomorph head and tail hat, and the iconic environmental suit helmet.

I’m not normally one for pre-order or pre-purchase bonuses or incentives, but these look quite wonderful.

Seriously, though, where’s Ripley’s perm. Imagine that on a Heavy.