The doctor is in: Alien: Isolation’s Trauma DLC launches today

Alien: Isolation Trauma

So you’ve survived Sevastopl, and perhaps you’ve even survived the Nostromo as well, but you’re the slick, but Creative Assembly isn’t quite finished scaring the hair off your noggin. A new bit of Alien: Isolation DLC launches today, Trauma, putting you in the shoes of a new character, wandering around in three new survivor mode maps set before the main game. 

If you pick it up – it’s £5.59/$7.99 on Steam – you’ll be playing as Chief Medical Officer Lingard, who appeared in the core game in a video, who blames herself for the xenomorph being in the station.

“She holds herself liable for the death and destruction that ravages the station as the Alien is unleashed.”

Across three new maps, including a presumably horrible journey through Sevastopl’s vents, the good doctor must attempt to destroy her research and save those remaining on the station. She’ll get faster access to medikits and IEDs that she can use to distract her alien pursuer.

The dev’s have posted a 12 minute let’s play, so you can see what you’re getting yourself into.