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Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer mode Escape looks Left 4 Dead-ish


Aliens, the zombies of the 90s, it seems apt that in bringing Ridley’s xenomorph in the modern day Gearbox have looked to there pop culture usurpers for inspiration. Lovingly lifting from Valve’s Left 4 Dead, Aliens: Colonial Marines Escape mode has you and a clutch of friends try to reach a dropship before being torn to shribbons by rampaging acid-blooded creeps.

Check it out below.

As re-setting a game mode goes this does smack of a stroke of genius. It makes absolute sense to place you in the boots of a marine trying to get off planet, both evacuating and defending yourself against waves of aliens, it throws you right into Cameron’s version of the Alien series. If it’s done right, and includes variation akin to that in Left 4 Dead then Colonial Marines may have a lot longer shelf life than I was expecting.

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