Aliens Colonial Marines trailer urges you to preorder


Now that Gearbox have got Borderlands 2 out of the door (although not quite in the case of Europe), they’re starting to ramp up the marketing machine for Aliens: Colonial Marines. The co-op FPS focuses on the aftermath of Aliens, where LV-426 has been nuked from orbit and Ripley et al have evacuated the premises. There’s a new trailer, showing off the game to entice preorders ahead of its release date in February.

We had a chance to look at the game back in June, and while it was just a slice of the opening segment of the game, it was looking pretty atmospheric even then. Everything that happens in Gearbox’s game is canon, which explains the heavy emphasis on fan favourites in the trailer, from the marines in the film to Ripley’s flamethrower.

There’s even that telltale ping of the motion tracker just as everything kicks off, although in all my experience in all of games’ motion trackers, it pings just before I die. ‘Fight the Fear’ indeed. I prefer to run away from it.

If you do decide you’re not a little girl and you would actually quite like to shoot some aliens in a few months, then, there’s a Collector’s Edition which comes with a Power Loader figurine and some kind of Hive box, or the Limited edition, which has some playable characters from the Aliens film, along with Ripley’s Flamethrower and some customisation options for multiplayer.

The Aliens Colonial Marines PC release date is February 12 2013.See our guide to everything we know aboutAliens: Colonial Marines, check prices forAliens Colonial Marines downloadat Green Man Gaming and followPCGamesN on Twitterfor updates.