Aliens: Fireteam Elite starts its first season today with a new class kit

The free content update adds the new Phalanx class

Get on the ready line, Marines: the first season of Aliens: Fireteam Elite is about to kick off, and there’s a juicy drop of free content to get things started. The sci-fi co-op game has added a whole new class loadout, plus some new weapons and cosmetics to make sure everyone’s looking their best on the next big bug hunt.

The new class kit is the Phalanx, which comes with a fold-out combat shield and 15 new class-specific perks. There are also four brand-new weapons to unlock, which include the L59 minigun, the N79 EVA laser sidearm, the L33 Pike Rifle, and the Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle. The update also includes some new cosmetic rewards: a new head accessory, new weapon colourways, and a selection of decals).

There’s also a separate paid DLC pack available today called the Wey-Yu Armoury, and that adds some additional cosmetic options for your Fireteam Elite characters. There are two Weyland-Yutani-themed armour skins for each class kit, four new head accessories, four additional colour schemes for weapons, four more decals, four new emotes, a consumable pack, and a pack of challenge cards.

Here’s the no-nonsense Season One teaser trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

The Wey-Yu Armoury pack comes with the Endeavor Pass, which is included in the deluxe edition of Aliens: Fireteam Elite. You can also pick up the pack separately. Aliens: Fireteam Elite reviews were generally positive, and we’ve had fun diving into its xeno nests with a couple friends in tow.