Alienware teases gaming laptop with 18-inch screen ahead of CES

Teasing its new Alienware gaming laptop, the company reveals it will feature an 18-inch display in addition to powerful specs to drive it

The Alienware logo against a white background

The largest screen size available inside an Alienware gaming laptop currently tops out at 17-inches, and it’s been this way for the past several years now. However, it appears that portable powerhouses with even bigger screens may soon be on the way.

Alienware continues to make some of the best gaming laptop models available today, but 18-inch displays have been absent from its portfolio for just under a decade now. This could all change comes CES 2023, though, following a new teaser campaign.

Taking to Twitter, Alienware tells us that “something big is coming soon.” In the promotional video, you can clearly see the number “18” forming in the grass like a crop circle, no doubt hinting at a soon-to-be revealed 18-inch gaming laptop.

Aside from the size of its screen, we don’t know anything else about the Alienware 18 gaming laptop specs. However, it will likely feature the most powerful processors and graphics cards available from teams red, green, and blue.