Save 30% on this Alienware 27-inch 240Hz gaming monitor

A high-refresh rate gaming monitor can transform your experience in competitive eSports games, and the Alienware AW2720HF offers just that for $299.99

Alienware AW2720HF gaming monitor

If you play a bunch of competitive FPS games like Call of Duty: Warzone or Valorant, arming yourself with a high-refresh rate display can seriously improve your experience. While 144Hz is a good start, the best gaming monitors of today boast panels capable of 240Hz and higher. One such example is the Alienware AW2720HF, which you can pick up today with a hefty 30% discount.

While the Alienware AW2720HF would normally cost somewhere in the region of $429.99, you’ll find it over on Best Busy with $130 (30%) shaved off the price tag, bringing it down to a much more enticing $299.99.

Dell has spared no expense in pushing the Alienware AW2720HF up to 240Hz, packing both FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility for a tear-free gaming experience. Its 1080p IPS panel is a cut above cheaper TN alternatives, too, with greater colour accuracy and gamut that allow a game’s visuals to truly pop.

The Alienware AW2720HF also comes with a well-rounded I/O, with four USB 3.0 ports in addition to 3.5mm audio outputs, with a single DisplayPort 1.2 and dual HDMI 2.0 inputs to boot.

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