Win an Alienware gaming PC by playing LoL, Fortnite, Valorant, or CS:GO

The best thing is If you already play one of these games you don't really have anything to lose by taking part!

Alienware Aurora R9 gaming PC

Alienware’s Aurora gaming PC lineup offers some fantastic gaming performance, without question. If you’re sitting on some dated hardware and could do with an upgrade, and if you like gaming, Dell Alienware is running a competition that will almost certainly be of interest to you.

The 2020 Alienware Games competition is underway (running July 17 to September 11) and, in case you missed it, it gives you the chance to play some great online multiplayer games to earn points and potentially win an Alienware Aorus R9 gaming PC, among other rewards (available only for those in the US or Canada). Collect points by playing competitive games of League of LegendsFortnite, Valorant, and CS:GO, and you’ll have a chance of winning.

This year’s competition is run in partnership with Playwire and Overwolf, a platform that “enables creators to build, distribute, and monetise in-game apps” (think of it as an overarching app store for game-specific overlays and apps). Simply download the 2020 Alienware Games app to log and track your accumulated points, which are then used as entries for the competitions.

With a total of $150,000 in rewards, Alienware says, “Each week 2,500 players will win in-game currency, with 24 winning an Alienware Aurora gaming rig at the end of the event!” This gaming rig is the Alienware Aurora R9, but it’s not clear which hardware configuration the company will ship the R9 with.

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According to the spec sheets, the R9 can ship with either 9th Gen Intel Core i5, Core i7, or Core i9 K-series processors (so, presumably, either an Intel Core i5 9600K, Core i7 9700K, or Core i9 9900K). It can also ship with either an Nvidia GeForce GTX1650 Super, RTX 2080, or RTX 2080 Ti. Similar component choices can be made across the entire spec sheet.

Playing these games isn’t the only way to earn points and be in with a chance to win, though. You can also share highlight clips captured with FUZE or Outplayed (like this one) on Twitter with the hashtag #2020AlienwareGames, or watch LCS on Riot Games Watch to earn points. The leaderboards reset each week, too, so you shouldn’t be at a disadvantage for starting a couple of weeks late.

“Last year’s challenge was designed to create value for the gaming community and Alienware using authentic in-game experiences,” says Anthony Alexander, EVP of global sales at Playwire. “This year, we have created something truly unique and for the first time ever, our challenge will run across multiple games and geographies simultaneously, ensuring the contest is inclusive to all types of gamers, while giving them an even playing field to compete with one another. By creating a unified scoring system across these four massively popular gaming titles, we are empowering players of all skill levels to earn prizing and forge unforgettable experiences by doing what they love most.”

If you live in the US or Canada, enjoy gaming – especially esports games – and already play any of the four eligible games, you have nothing to lose by taking part, and a hell of a lot to gain!