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All Infinite Crisis champions are unlocked for a week, because Superman likes PAX East

Infinite Crisis roster unlocked for a week

Infinite Crisis, Turbine’s DC-themed MOBA, opens up its roster for the next week. No more worrying about what hero or villain is in the rotation, no splashing out on new characters – from today and for the next week, every one of the game’s combatants is unlocked. 

So if you’ve always wanted to take a robotic Superman for a spin, now’s your chance.

Turbine’s good mood is due to PAX East, which kicks off in Boston this weekend. The city is also the home of the developer.

On top of the unlocked roster, everything in the store will be half-price for a week. You’ll be able to pick up augments, stolen powers and mods on the cheap. Buy those armoured pair of pants you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Infinite Crisis is in open beta at the moment, and you can download the client here.