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Allison Road cancels Kickstarter as Team17 swoop in to publish


The Kickstarter for Allison Road - the game that was meant to fill the Silent Hills shaped hole in our hearts - has been cancelled.

Though the Kickstarter looked likely to succeed after raising over half of the £250,000 goal and with still over a week to go, the developers have pulled the crowdfunding campaign, instead opting for a deal with Worms creators and publishing label Team17.

Missed the original story? Have a watch of Allison Road's Kickstarter videos.

"If you don’t know who Team17 are, they are most known for their Worms franchise, however, they run a fully independent games label," Lilith wrote in the final Kickstarter update. "For us it’s an incredible opportunity to be part of a label that looks after not only such a massive gaming franchise, but also supports developers like Playtonic, Mouldy Toof and many others.

"Working with Team17 will give us the chance to make our game unhindered creatively, but at the same time will give us the resources, support and experience that only a 25 year old studio can give. For all of you that have pledged already for in game rewards, we absolutely promise you that we will look at ways outside of Kickstarter that will allow you to be involved in the game at a later date."

And that's probably the last we'll hear on the Unreal 4-powered game until there's something concrete to show off. Team17 clearly saw the potential in the housebound horror - I just hope the team can pull their vision off with whatever resources Team17 are supplying. 

Let us know what you think of the deal in the comments.

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Aever avatarDalien avatar
Aever Avatar
2 Years ago

Well, there are possible bad things with having a publisher, but it also means they probably got significantly more money for the project. So, unless the publisher is evil, in the likes of EA or Activision, this should be a good thing in the end.

Dalien Avatar
2 Years ago

This thing, "big game publishers like EA and Activision are greedy/evil" is so infantile and tired, it's high time to retire it. Let's start thinking more like well-rounded adults and less like pissy teenagers with chips on their shoulders raging against "the system." It's pathetic.

Aever Avatar
2 Years ago

Because raging in comments is what adults do.

In any case, a publisher means you have a stricter deadline, it means the commercial side of your project becomes much more influent in decisions making, etc.

First point can lead to unfinished, buggy releases. And we've seen so many of those. Second point can lead to a myriad of issues which I'm not gonna bother listing here.

I said that EA and Activision are "evil" because of their extensive track-record of botched releases or shady, greedy business practices.

Feel free to bring constructing arguments against my points instead of .. what you did above.