Alone in the Dark: Illumination beta starts soon, but only if you buy the game

Alone in the Dark: Illumination beta

I allowed myself a moment of excitement when Atari announced that Alone in the Dark was coming back, last year. But, increasingly, it has become clear that it’s only the name that’s making a return, stitched to a team-based shooter. 

A private beta for Alone in the Dark: Illumination kicks off tomorrow, but the only way to get into it is by pre-ordering the game. 

Along with beta access, the pre-order version of Illumination includes extra character and weapons skins and, I kid you not, an exclusive achievement that you’ll unlock by being one of the first people to play the game.

In the single-player campaign, players will take control of the Hunter, but through rescuing other classes, they’ll be able to build their party of seemingly nameless fighters. Expect co-op shenanigans too, because that’s what the kids these days like, apparently.

“By introducing cooperative multiplayer, this new game engages the nostalgic fan-base and introduces a new generation of PC gamers to the franchise,” said Fred Chesnais, Atari’s CEO. Hmmm.

It’s a bit at odds with the title, isn’t it? It really should be called “With Some Mates in the Dark: Illumination”.

The full game is due out early this year.