Amazing Cultivation Simulator blends Taoist philosophy with Dwarf Fortress

Amazing Cultivation Simulator has already sold more than 700,000 copies in China, and now it has an official western localization

While its name may be a bit ungainly, Amazing Cultivation Simulator is a management game about achieving spiritual balance. Taking its cues from Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld, Amazing Cultivation Simulator is already a hit in its native China, and now it’s available on Steam with a full western localization.

As in other colony management games, your job in Amazing Cultivation Simulator is to direct your people to build up your settlement, which in this case is a cultivation sect in the mythical Tiancang era. You’ll recruit novices and guide their training, building schools for their physical, mental, and spiritual development. Ultimately, your goal is to achieve immortality.

Unfortunately, to get there you’ll have to rebuild the Taiyi Sect from the ground up, since the last master got a bit too far out over his skis. There are ancient dangers around the world, which you’ll have to explore in order to gather the remnants back together. It’s all inspired by the Chinese literary tradition of xianxia, which draws from Buddhist and Taoist philosophy.

Here’s the trailer:

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As you expand, you’ll run into NPC factions who you’ll want to befriend or protect yourself against, and you’ll need to maintain the balance between good and evil in the world while you scour it for relics and artifacts.
If this sounds like your idea of a good time, you can find Amazing Cultivation Simulator on Steam right now.