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AMD Radeon graphics cards near MSRP, Nvidia GPU prices struggle

It's the cheapest it's been for some time to upgrade your gaming PC with an AMD RX 6000 or Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics card, but US prices are higher than EU

An AMD Radeon graphics card render floats in the air against a red-black background

GPU prices for Nvidia RTX and AMD Radeon graphics cards are finally falling back down to MSRP, after unprecedented levels of demand compounded stock shortages caused by the pandemic. However, it appears that upgrading your gaming PC with one of team red’s best graphics cards might be the better value play for some time yet.

In its most recent GPU pricing update, Hardware Unboxed says that the current price inflation of AMD Radeon graphics cards on Newegg has fallen to an average of 5%. Unfortunately, the Nvidia RTX 30 series is around 24% more expensive overall than it should be.

Comparing Hardware Unboxed’s findings versus those from earlier this month indicates that graphics card prices in Europe are falling faster than in the United States, with Nvidia GPU prices averaging 14% above MSRP. The US does enjoy a minor victory though, as the cost of an AMD pixel pusher is marginally higher in the EU at 7%.

While it’s certainly worth celebrating the downward trend of GPU prices, it perhaps feels a little too late considering that the RTX 4000 release date may come as early as July. If true, it’d make the idea of buying a 30 series graphics card over something like the RTX 4090, RTX 4080, or RTX 4070 somewhat of a fool’s errand.

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There are also AMD RDNA 3 pixel pushers on the horizon too, in addition to Intel Arc Alchemist cards that will arrive later this year. All in all, if your heart is set on a current generation GPU, it’s probably best to wait for the next-gen offerings to arrive and then scoop up a steep discount.