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Watch us unbox the Ryzen 1800X, AMD’s 16-thread, Intel-challenging CPU

R7 1800X unboxing

If you’ve not got a spare $499 to go and spend on shiny eight-core, 16-thread CPU for your PC – honestly though, you need to sort out your priorities – why not watch us unbox one, just for you. The R7 1800X is AMD’s latest attempt to topple Intel’s hold on the CPU market, and sure enough all of those threads will come in handy for CPU-intensive tasks like running several thousand games of Football Manager or, you know, editing videos like the one above.

The new Zen architecture could change the CPU landscape when it launches this year, but right now these are the best CPUs for gaming.

It’s also showing some early signs that it will topple Intel’s high-end CPUs in terms of gaming performance, although we’re not sure how it will run in the real world where PC gamers don’t have a stock of nitrogen lying around to supercool their rigs. We’ll be putting the poor piece of metal through its paces later this week when our hardware editor Dave James returns from GDC, so until then, this video will have to do.

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