AMD’s Zen 4 AM5 socket could adopt a similar pin design to Intel

Finally, no more bent pins

AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU

When AMD’s Zen 4 processors arrive sometime next year, they’re expected to use a new AM5 socket, replacing the AM4 socket used on the company’s current best gaming CPU. This means the current best gaming motherboard for AMD chips won’t be compatible. Leaker Execufix, who’s successfuly leaked AMD info before, has outlined some of the rumoured specifications of the AM5 socket, and there’s a surprise.

On its previous sockets, AMD has used a Pin Grid Array (PGA) layout, where the pins are on the CPU rather than the motherboard. Intel has stuck with a Land Grid Array (LGA) design in previous generations, and Execufix claims the red team plans to switch to a similar design, with the AM5 socket adopting an LGA 1718 layout, as opposed to the PGA 1331 socket used on AM4. That’s quite close to the LGA 1700 socket planned for Alder Lake.

While the tweet backs up earlier rumours that the Zen 4 platform will bring DDR5 support to the platform, it attests that there won’t be support for PCIe 5.0, despite Intel’s 12th gen CPUs likely adding support. This could put team red at a disadvantage when paired with the future best SSD for gaming.

It’s not yet clear whether this new socket means your best CPU cooler will be compatible, or whether it’ll need replacing for your new PC build.

If Alder Lake is anything to go by, you’ll likely need a new mounting kit if you want to continue using your current air or water cooler. Of course, you’ll want to take this rumour with a pinch of salt. Until AMD announces the platform itself, none of these specs are set in stone.