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AMD’s Ryzen AI 300 CPU launch apparently just got delayed

AMD hasn't given an official date for the release of its new Zen 5 gaming laptop chips, but new reports suggest the launch has been pushed back.

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AMD has apparently slightly pushed back the availability date of its upcoming Ryzen AI 300 Zen 5 laptop CPUs, with the previously expected date of July 15 now scrapped in favor of a July 28 launch. However, while this may seem a surprising move so close to the launch date, neither the original expected date nor the newly speculated date have been officially announced or confirmed by AMD, so we can’t technically consider this a delay.

Whenever AMD‘s new gaming laptop CPUs – based on its new Zen 5 architecture and codenamed Strix Point – do actually land, we fully expect them to be used in some of the best gaming laptops when it comes to those seeking an affordable, thin and light model without a separate GPU. However, based on various new leaks, we could have a little longer to wait than originally hoped.

The original expected arrival of the AMD Ryzen AI 300 CPU range, and laptops and other mobile devices based on that range, was July 15. This was based on previous leaks and other hints, such as an AMD AI 300 laptop pre-order date appearing on Asus’ web store. However, new leaks from Weibo user Golden Pig Upgrade and from X/Twitter tech leaker Hoang Anh Phu now suggest the launch date and review embargo date for the new chips and devices will be July 28.

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This new date would be only three days before the expected AMD Ryzen 9000 series launch date of July 31. That would certainly make for a busy time for retailers and reviewers like ourselves. However, one factor that immediately makes us question this apparent change is that July 28 is a Sunday. It would be rare for a tech company to have a review embargo lift on a Sunday, as there’s a reasonable expectation that many news/review outlets won’t be staffed at the weekend.

It’s also notable that the pre-order dates that appeared on Asus’ website are still up and still show a July 15 pre-order date. As such, it’s safe to say it’s not entirely clear what’s going on, but we fully expect that to change very soon as AMD has committed to both its Zen 5 desktop and laptop products launching in July. As such, whatever exact date the company chooses, it only has 30 more days to go to hit that deadline.

While we wait for more clarity on both launches, you can read what we know so far about the AMD Ryzen 9000 desktop lineup, the Zen 5 architecture as a whole, and its Ryzen AI 300 laptop CPUs, with what look like impressive integrated GPUs.