AMD Ryzen Threadripper launches August 10, with pre-orders starting tomorrow

AMD Ryzen Threadripper release date

The officially announced launch of the AMD Threadripper high-end CPU platform is still down as ‘early August’, but we’re now hearing a more concrete timing of August 10 for the final launch of their 12 and 16-core monster chips.

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Sweclockers have had the date confirmed by Taiwanese component manufacturers they’ve spoken to directly. They’re likely X399 motherboard makers who ought to know. The 16-core Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 12-core 1920X will be available for pre-order from tomorrow, July 27, with the X399 motherboards following suit.

Gigabyte even have a little countdown ticker rolling towards the pre-order date.

AMD have also announced the packaging for the Ryzen Threadripper CPUs and, to go along with the mammoth chips, the box is pretty humongous too. The image they dropped onto Facebook makes it look like a frickin’ Palantir with the Eye of Sauron staring deep into your soul…

AMD Threadripper packaging

If you want to get in on the AMD Threadripper action the 16-core 1950X will retail for $999, the same price as Intel’s 10-core i9 7900X. The 12-core 1920X, on the other hand, will be ‘just’ $799. I know, that’s still a vast sum to spend on a slice of processing silicon, but it’s comparatively good value compared with the core-count of Intel’s previous CPU ranges.

Let’s be clear, it’s not good value if you’re just trying to create a dedicated gaming PC. That’s a ludicrous amount of money to spend. But if your job and/or super-serious hobby relies on heavily multi-threaded applications it’s definitely going to be more relevant to you.

If you’re looking for a great-value gaming CPU, however, AMD might well have something exciting for you soon…