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Find out if your AMD motherboard has the Ryzen CPU Boost Clock speed update

Hardware Luxx's forum has the most comprehensive AMD board BIOS list on the planet

Asus X570 TUF motherboard

A Hardware Luxx forum member, who subtitles himself Mr. AMD, has created the most comprehensive list of AMD motherboard BIOS on the planet. And if that sounds incredibly boring it’s probably because you’re not running an AMD Ryzen 3000 processor and waiting for the all-important AGESA ABBA update to be released for your particular AM3 board.

AMD announced that it has “an issue in our firmware that reduces boost frequency” for all of its 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs a couple of weeks ago, and that BIOS updates would be on their way by the end of September. The updated firmware from AMD is currently in the hands of their motherboard partners, which means relevant BIOS updates could be rolling out from the manufacturers at any time. So, having a one-stop shop for all your ‘does my motherboard have its performance update yet?’ needs is handy and kinda important right now.

As of today, Asus and Gigabyte have both released the ABBA updates for their X570 motherboards, while MSI, Biostar, and ASRock have yet to unveil their own software updates.

It’s clear from the Hardware Luxx forum post that Asus and Gigabyte have made the top-end Ryzen 3000 AMD motherboards their priority as it’s only the X570 boards that have the necessary performance-boosting BIOS. Neither their B450 or X470 motherboards have received the AGESA update as yet, though that X570 focus might go some way to explaining how these two have managed to get their updates out ahead of the competition.

The AGESA update tackles the discrepancies between the advertised Boost Clock frequencies AMD was marketing with its new Ryzen 3000 CPUs and the actual numbers that both reviewers and members of the public were getting out of their CPUs.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

In most cases the figures were well down, with De8auer’s investigation leading to the realisation that only 6% of AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processors were actually capable of hitting the advertised 4.6GHz Boost Clock.

That should all be fixed with the AGESA update, and all you should have to do is update with the correct BIOS and see your Ryzen 3000 silicon performing to its fullest. If you want an easy guide check out our simple BIOS update tutorial.

But please make sure that you only use the specific BIOS for your exact motherboard though, don’t try and force things if your board doesn’t yet have official support. I’m not entirely sure how you would, but you don’t want to screw around with something so fundamental to the inner workings of your PC.

Right, I’m off to flash the VBIOS on my RX 5700 to expose its full Navi potential just for larks. What could go wrong?