AMD could be cooking up its own Nvidia RTX Voice GPU tech

AMD Noise Suppression is supposedly in the works, as a now removed video outlines the company's answer to Nvidia's RTX Voice graphics card feature

AMD Radeon graphics card with backdrop image clip for company's Nvidia RTX Voice alterantive

AMD might be cooking up an Nvidia RTX voice alternative, and it’ll supposedly enable Radeon GPU owners to “communicate without distractions.”

Dubbed AMD Noise Suppression, the company’s Nvidia RTX Voice take was first spotted by Reddit user crazydaveyboy, as it was accidentally revealed in a YouTube video (via Tom’s Hardware). The clip in question is now marked as ‘private’, but the eagle-eyed Redditor was able to take down some notes.

AMD Noise suppression: Nvidia RTX Voice promotional image

The new setting will apparently live within the Adrenalin Driver’s “audio and video” tab, while enabling it will install a new virtual audio device on your gaming PC. Crazydaveyboy’s summary also says it’ll use machine learning for suppression, meaning it’ll likely use AI to clean up audio, just like Nvidia RTX Voice.

We’d usually advise ingesting leaked graphics card features with a grain of salt, but since this particular tidbit was found within an official AMD video, the tech’s arrival seems likely. If and when it does arrive, it’ll help streamers and gamers improve their gaming PC audio experience, especially if your gaming desk is in a shared room.

What we don’t know, however, is if AMD Noise Suppression is compatible with all Radeon GPUs. Nvidia RTX Voice works with older GTX graphics cards, and it’s now simply dubbed ‘Noise Removal’ in the Nvidia Broadcast app. AMD’s efforts with FSR compatibility on older cards suggests you won’t have to buy an RDNA 3 card to use Noise Suppression, but we’ll need to wait for its official announcement to know for sure.