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XFX announces AMD RX 5600 XT January release date with full listing

The full RX 5600 XT specs have been listed on XFX's THICC II Pro page


XFX has followed ASRock in ignoring whatever the embargo is for announcing the unannounced AMD RX 5600 XT and listed the new Navi-based card on its site. The full GPU and frequency specs are all there ahead of the expected reveal during AMD’s CES press conference on January 6.

I mean, it’s like they’re not even trying anymore. At least ASRock doesn’t seem to have actually had the card listed on its website, but XFX has laid it all out. Well, apart from the price, that’s left off, but considering that it’s rocking the same core configuration as the AMD RX 5700, but with a slower clock speed and weaker memory, you can guess that it’s going to come in around the $250 mark.

Basically it just needs to slide in under the price of the GTX 1660 Ti, which it is almost guaranteed to give a swift shoeing to when it comes to the gaming benchmarks. The release date is set for January 2019, which I’m guessing is a bit of an error, because I’m sure we’d have noticed its existence over the last year…

According to the listing (via Videocardz) the “Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card is the world’s most technologically advanced card for 1080p gaming. The AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT is powered by the highly acclaimed RDNA architecture delivering a boost in gaming performance.”

XFX RX 5600 XT

AMD RX 5600 XT AMD RX 5700 AMD RX 5500 XT
GPU Navi 12(?) Navi 10 Navi 14
Cores 2,304 2,304 1,408
Game clock 1,460MHz 1,625MHz 1,717MHz
Boost clock 1,620MHz 1,725MHz 1,845MHz
Memory 6GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6 4/8GB GDDR6
Memory speed 12Gbps 14Gbps 14Gbps
Memory bus 192-bit 256-bit 128-bit
Price ~$250 $349 $169/$199

We still don’t 100% know exactly what the GPU is inside the card, whether it really is a Navi 12 GPU with a full 36 CUs in place, or if it’s actually just the same Navi 10 GPU as the RX 5700 but with one of its memory controllers lopped off and some slower GDDR6 attached to it.

But the rest of the specs have been laid bare for the world to see. And it looks like the AMD RX 5600 XT is going to be quite the card, and whatever it wants to say about 1080p gaming it looks like it’ll do pretty well at 1440p too. Especially it the More Power Tool allows you to squeeze more juice out of the Navi GPU too.

With the card launching this month we should have full benchmarks for you very soon.