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SK Hynix says obvs fake AMD RX 5950 XT leak is obvs fake… gets litigious

Don't mess with SK Hynix... obviously fake AMD RX 5950 XT rumour officially debunked

AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

SK Hynix has officially denied AMD RX 5950 XT specifications that were alleged within a recent (incredibly dubious) image making the rounds as proven fact. There’s a golden rule we follow here at PCGN: if it’s a photo of a computer monitor screen, give it a wide berth. These kinds of ‘leaks’ are just too easy to fake.

If you’ve not read the reports elsewhere, here’s the gossip. A document, alleged to be from memory manufacturer SK Hynix, appeared online claiming to list the specifications for an unreleased AMD GPU called the RX 5950 XT. Said GPU would be fitted with 5,120 cores, 80 CUs, and 24GB of HBM2e memory. Blimey – it’s a whopper.

But, of course, it’s not to be. Not only would such a graphics card be mighty pricey, but it’s also just completely false according to the alleged originator of the leaked document, SK Hynix. The massive memory manufacturer has decided that enough is enough, and debunked the entire thing once and for all. It’s even threatening legal action against any outlet that spreads the “recent fake news.”

“Regarding recent fake news about SK Hynix’s memory specifications and info sheet on AMD’s next generation GPU,” the statement reads, “on which some media have reported since February 24 (PST), SK Hynix hereby announces that the company has not created and distributed such specifications as well as the document asserted to be leaked by an internal source.

“We ask you not to distribute or make a false report on this from now on. We can assure you that SK Hynix will take every necessary measure against such media, including all available legal actions, to ensure that such wrongful/illegal activities will be stopped immediately and to protect and defend our customers, business partners, and ourselves. For the avoidance of doubt, SK Hynix reserves all rights.”

For the record, a “Big Navi” GPU is set to launch this year. You can take that to the bank – AMD’s CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed it earlier in the year. However, what that GPU will entail is yet to be confirmed. So far, our best lead is the 12 TFLOPs GPU stuffed into the Xbox Series X, which may be a marker of what’s to come from team Radeon.