AMD Ryzen 7000 gaming CPU prices are still below MSRP

AMD's latest gaming CPU range is still going for signficantly below MSRP, as Black Friday Ryzen 7000 discounts are seemingly here to stay

AMD Ryzen CPU with Radeon city backdrop

AMD Ryzen 7000 prices got an expected Black Friday cut, but the red team’s gaming CPU range is still available for below MSRP. While the seasonal sale often lasts beyond its original date, there’s reason to believe the red team will stick with the reductions for now.

AMD’s latest chip might be its best gaming CPU contender, but production has reportedly slowed down due to a lack of interest. In addition, the lineup received a 30% just before Black Friday, despite only emerging on the scene two months prior.

Black Friday 2022 is fading away, but Ryzen 7000 CPUs apparently didn’t get the memo. Videocardz reports that various retailers are still flogging chips at a reduced cost, including the official AMD store, Best Buy and Newegg. Discounts reach as high as $125 USD, with the Ryzen 9 7950X selling for 17.8% less than MSRP.

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Again, some Black Friday deals live on a week or two after the event, but some retailers have removed any mention of the original deal. In other words, the lower price tags are potentially here to stay, rather than a limited-time offer.

At this point, it looks like a permanent cut could be on the cards, as faster AMD 7000X3D processors are set to arrive in early 2023. Non-X Zen 4 variants will also enter the fold next month, and their arrival may usher in a return to post-Black Friday pricing. That said, the red team faces stiff competition from Intel and its army of Raptor Lake chips, so low pricing may prove to be an invaluable weapon.