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AMD on track to grab 10% of the server market from Intel by 2020

AMD’s server market share may well reach double digits in 2020 thanks to EPYC and Zen 2

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su

AMD’s server market share may well reach double digits in 2020 – marking a major win for the company in its fight for CPU sales in an overwhelmingly Intel world. Off the back of its Zen 2 EPYC server chips, the company is seeing a resurgence it’s not enjoyed for quite some time, enough so to perhaps gain over 10% of the server market next year.

That might not seem like a lot, but the server market is notoriously hard to win over. The biggest names in computing desire consistency above all else, and convincing any major cloud provider to break away from their reliable systems in favour of another’s is not an easy feat.

But AMD has swayed a few hearts in its favour, including Twitter, Google, Dell, Cray, HPE, and Microsoft. Market observers speaking with DigiTimes reportedly expect the company to creep into double digit market share very soon as a result of EPYC’s flurry of sales, built upon the advancements brought fourth by Zen 2 – the very same architecture used across its Ryzen desktop chips.

AMD looks to be on track to achieve its lofty goals of surpassing its previous success with its Opteron chip, which managed to peak at around a quarter of the server market over a decade ago.

CEO Dr. Lisa Su outlined a goal of increasing market share into the mid-single digit mark in 2018 during an interview with Barrons, up from its less than 1% share preceding that, with a view to soar above and beyond in the years to come.

Helping AMD along has been an ongoing 14nm shortage over at Intel, which has flustered the company and its efforts to regain lost ground to the red team. Chipzilla is currently working towards a 10nm process rollout to ease 14nm production and stay competitive, while AMD utilises TSMC’s 7nm process for most of its products today.