AMD will fix Windows 11 TPM stuttering issues on Ryzen CPUs

A BIOS update for your gaming PC's motherboard containing a fix will be available by early May.

AMD will fix Windows 11 TPM stuttering issues on Ryzen CPUs

Windows 11’s TPM requirement has left many hoping to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system confused at best, and frustrated at worst. However, even those with eligible gaming PCs that meet the prerequisite are enduring their own share of frustrations with TPM, particularly those with Ryzen processors. Thankfully, a fix is on the way from AMD.

In a support article on its official website, AMD says it has determined that the cause of these stuttering issues is related to “extended fTPM-related memory transactions in SPI flash memory.” Users will need to apply a BIOS patch in order to resolve the problem for good, which the company expects to be available in early May.

In the meantime, AMD recommends installing a hardware TPM module if you can’t go without the functionality. If you can forgo it for now, users report that disabling fTPM in your motherboard’s BIOS shouldn’t negatively system performance, but we recommend proceeding with caution.

Alternatively, it might just be a better idea to revert your system back to Windows 10, safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the most out of AMD’s best gaming CPUs.

Despite issues like this, the number of Windows 11 PCs continues to grow, and it’s quickly gaining on Windows 10 in terms of popularity among Steam users. The operating system’s growth could be stunted, however, if Microsoft follows through with unpopular plans such as needing an internet connection to install Windows 11. We can only hope they don’t.