This RX 580 is the cutest graphics card in the world, and if you disagree I’ll fight you

And it's now available to order worldwide!

Yeston Cute Pet RX 580

Let’s skip the pleasantries. You’re here because you saw the Yeston CUTE PET Radeon RX 580 pictured above and made the sound decision that this has to be your next graphics card no matter the cost. Well, I’ve got great news, this graphics card is now available to order direct from AliExpress – and yes, they will ship anywhere (pending you fork out for custom tariffs).

The Yeston CUTE PET houses AMD’s RX 580 GPU, which still delivers standout mainstream performance in its price bracket despite the latest arrivals from both AMD and Nvidia with the RX 5700-series and GTX 16-series. So you shouldn’t feel too guilty about saying to hell with it and buying the long-toothed Polaris architecture in 2019.

Delivered direct via the Yingshan store, this card can be yours for $210. And you don’t have to worry about shipping costs as AliExpress takes care of all that. What is a bit of a shame is that the card will take roughly 20 to 40 days to deliver, by which time Polaris might be staring down the barrel of brand new Navi 14 graphics cards for the mainstream market, built upon the latest 7nm RDNA architecture.

But will those next-gen GPUs come with dual fans, quad-heatpipes, and a full-size metal backplate? Probably – at least a few of them will. But will that stop us from buying the Yeston CUTE PET complete with illuminated OwO cat’s face anyways? Nope.

And neither will the fact that you are responsible for any and all customs fees on top of the cards price, which, varying country to country, could be a significant sum.

Yeston RX 580

Yeston is owned by Shenzhen Yingjiaxun, a Chinese company that also owns the Game ACE lineup complete with incredible pink detailing. All of these cards were displayed over at ChinaJoy 2019, and you can find images of all of them in their natural neon pink habitat over at this Reddit thread. By the looks of it, further AMD RX 5700 cards in this style could be incoming, too.