AMD Zen 4 gaming CPUs could release in late 2022, after Intel Alder Lake

AMD Ryzen processor

While we expect Intel’s 12th generation Alder Lake processors to release later this year, leaker Sepeuwmjh suggests AMD will be a little later to the party, with its next-generation 5nm Zen 4 chips pinned for a release almost a year later.

The Twitter user corroborates earlier whispers that Zen 4 will be codenamed Raphael, before going on to claim the lineup will be announced in September or October of 2022, with a release scheduled a month or two later. If not seen in Zen 3+, Zen 4 is expected to be the first of AMD’s chips to gain support for the fifth generation RAM and PCIe standards, which we should also see on Alder Lake.

Intel’s possible year-long headstart to the world of DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 support isn’t necessarily a disadvantage for AMD, when high early adoption costs of the future best SSD for gaming and best gaming RAM will likely push the components into enthusiast territory. There’s a chance prices could be more affordable by late 2022 when AMD joins the fray, but this is difficult to predict with the current Chia cryptomining boom.

Intel’s Alder Lake platform is said to take a cue from ARM, optimising power and speed with big.LITTLE architecture. This looks promising, as the impressive performance from similarly-designed Apple Silicon shows us what we can potentially expect..

AMD is rumoured to sidestep the big.LITTLE design in Zen 4, with whispers suggesting that it’ll pick up the architecture for subsequent Zen 5 APUs. This says nothing for conventional Zen 5 chips, however, which won’t appear until 2024 if AMD releases Zen 3+ this year, Zen 4 in 2022, and possibly Zen 4+ in 2023.

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