Future AMD Zen 5 chips could follow in the steps of Intel’s Alder Lake processors

Rumour on future AMD APUs suggest a big.LITTLE design

AMD Ryzen Slab

Even though we’re still many months away from the release of AMD’s future Zen 4 CPUs without much information yet, the rumour mill for the subsequent Zen 5 generation is already spinning away with a report from MoePC claiming to have some potential details about the processors.

It mentions the APUs destined for the Zen 5 platform in particular, allegedly codenamed ‘Strix Point’ with an expected launch as far away as 2024. The report goes on to say that AMD has already set targets for the iGPU’s performance, even though a possible launch is over three years away.

The APUs could be based on a new 3nm process from TSMC, along with a big.LITTLE design, meaning 2024 could be the year that AMD follows in the steps of Intel’s upcoming 12th gen CPU lineup which will also use a big.LITTLE design consisting of both high-performance and high-efficiency cores. That could be great news when it comes to the performance of these future chips, as Apple’s M1 processor based on a big.LITTLE design is definitely no slouch.

The report isn’t clear on whether the standard Zen 5 CPUs will also be based on a big.LITTLE design, although it seems likely considering Intel’s plan.

However, it’ll be a long time until we hear anything from AMD itself regarding Zen 5, so we’d take all these rumours with a pinch of salt.  There’s a high possibility that those goalposts could change, especially if those integrated GPU performance targets struggle to hold a candle to the future best graphics card.