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AMD’s new Radeon is taking on the TITAN Z for half the price

AMD Radeon R9 295X2

Not being a driver, graphics cards are my sports cars. This makes the $3,000 asking price for Nvidia’s TITAN Z seem a little less daunting, as it’s cheaper than even a mediocre vehicle. It’s still more money than I have, though, which makes AMD’s Radeon R9 295X2 – also a powerhouse – quite tempting.

It’s only half the price and is isn’t holding any punches. 

The 295X2 is undoubtedly a high-end card for enthusiasts, and is comparable to the TITAN Z despite costing significantly less. Like its competitor, two high-end GPUs have been squeezed into one card, and the impressive cooling system has allowed AMD to increase the clock speed.

The 295X2 has been designed for 4K gaming – so it’s looking towards the future – and boasts 8GB of video GDDR5 RAM. That’s less than the TITAN Z’s 12GB, but it’s an 11.5 teraflop card compared to the TITAN Z’s 8. The dick measuring is just a wee bit silly, of course, since you really don’t need all this power. But, damn, wouldn’t it be nice to have?

You’ll also be able to get the card soon. It launches this week for around $1,500. Is it still a bit too rich for your blood?

Cheers, Gizmodo.