Truck Simulator 1.44 adds a new ownable trailer type

The 1.44 update for American Truck Simulator will introduce a new ownable trailer type, the drop deck, for free to all players soon

A drop deck trailer in American Truck Simulator 1.44

The 1.44 update for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 is coming soon, and the devs have just revealed a new ownable trailer type for US truckers: the drop deck. The low-hanging trailer will be available to everyone as part of the next free ATS update, and the devs have provided an extended look at what you can expect.

“What makes this trailer special is the fact that it has a lower centre of gravity,” the devs say in today’s blog, “and it combines the advantages of flatbed and lowboy, which results in a flat surface and a high weight-bearing capacity. It is perfect for hauling items and materials such as aircraft engines, backhoe loaders, forklifts, hay, lumber, metal coils, mooring buoys, pressure tanks, road rollers, and ventilation shafts.”

You’ll be able to get your drop deck in either 48ft or 53ft configurations, with two, three, or four axles, and with wood floor, aluminum floor, or sliding tarp body types. You’ll also be able to customise everything from the front walls and wind deflectors on down to the bumpers and mudflaps.

We still don’t know exactly when update 1.44 will launch for both games, but we know it’ll make some important changes to unmarked roads.

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