American Truck Simulator demo gives one state and limited jobs, compatible save with main game

American Truck Simulator demo

American Truck Simulator is the latest hot thing for a very specific group of people, most of whom say things like “wouldn’t have thought I’d be into it” or “I know, but listen, it’s great.” In an attempt to spread that gospel, developers SCS Software have released a demo, letting you play around in the state of California for a limited number of jobs for free. If you find you’re all about gear-shifting, parking and delivering goods, a purchase of the full game will let you transfer your save over.

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You can get it on Steam via this announcement post. Other than the location and job limits, they say it’s identical to the game itself. It’s only about a gigabyte too, so it shouldn’t take you too long. If you’re entertained but strapped for cash, deleting your save and starting again seems to be a viable option to get a little more time out of it, but those who want to go cross-country in future updates will need to pay up.

The future of the game is looking good as it has already sold more than 150,000 copies according to (inaccurate but better than nothing) SteamSpy. Pre-release, the developers said that if they were going to make it a true experience, with every state and their interconnected economies, they would need to do very well. Hopefully those sales, plus the demo, are enough to make that a reality.