American Truck Simulator gets free DLC with new truck and reduced fines with beginners in mind

American Truck Simulator

The “legendary” Kenworth W900 has pulled into American Truck Simulator’s first free update. Also, “several notable changes” await players, designed to prevent new faces from feeling hard done by some of the game’s less forgiving features.

Hooooonnnkkk, hhooooonnnkkkk: that’s a big 10-4 for our list of best PC games, good buddy.

I don’t know much about trucks, me, but American Truck Simulator is slowly but very surely teaching me the wonders of the open the road. I can’t wait to test out the latest addition to the diesel-guzzling lineup, the Kenworth W900, which features in this new video:

The latest update also tweaks the game’s fines systems, which developers SCS Software admit has caused a relative stir among new players. Nobody likes fines, for sure, and it seems many players have viewed them as a bit steep up to now.

“It’s not really a good idea to intimidate people coming fresh to the game with crippling fines,” says the update. “Fines are now considerably lower in the early stages of the game, they grow larger only as the player’s skill/level grows.

“We have also made the detection code for speeding more forgiving, giving the player more time to adjust to a new speed limit. We definitely do not want to make players feel like the game is unfair!”

Further down the line, more speed-related updates are in store – such as adding speed limit signs in order to “explicitly zone the limits”. For the time being, full patch notes of the latest update can be grabbed on the game’s Steam page.