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American Truck Simulator will receive free DLC for Nevada at launch and Arizona shortly after

American Truck Simulator DLC

American Truck Simulator is the latest in a long line of games that let you drive exceptionally large vehicles from one city to the next. It’s coming out at the start of next month, but there was some debate over just how much content it would include. At the moment it’s more like California Truck Simulator, as that’s the only state that was planned to be included at release, but developers SCS Software have announced two more coming for free in the very near future.

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California’s neighbour of Nevada will be available as a free download come launch day, no matter where you buy the game from. Because they weren’t sure of this when they went gold and started printing discs, it’s appearing as DLC and isn’t represented on the packaging, but it is coming.

Meanwhile Arizona will follow it up some time later, but they don’t have specifics because they’re still putting it together. It will also be free, making a nice tri-state area for you to endlessly drive from one end to the other of. Those goods won’t deliver themselves.

Beyond that there will be more free content, but anything that adds drivable zones will be a paid-for expansion. SCS are very open about this in their post talking about the matter, saying that if and when they complete the United States, it will cost more than the base game to upgrade to the full thing. They also say it’s up to the fans to make it happen – when they vote with their wallets, they’ll decide the fate of the game.

It’s out on February 3rd on Steam and elsewhere. I must admit it’s hardly my genre. Is it something you simu-fans are excited about?