American Truck Simulator’s many lovely trucks are getting me sweaty


I am not a hot-blooded American man. My blood is tepid at best, for one. But I must confess a certain fascination with big rigs, specifically ones that drive across US. They are like giant, roaring willies, but more practical, because they can carry a variety of goods. This is something that most willies cannot do. 

American Truck Simulator offers up a fantasy that I’m sure many of you dream about, tossing and turning, drenched in sweat. It’s good sweat. Happy sweat. The fantasy is driving trucks across America, but as the Gamescom trailer below reminds us, don’t call it driving. It’s trucking. 

I am very excited. I am wondering what sort of goods I’ll be able to transport. Will I assist the logging industry? Will my truck be laden with electronics, bringing the future to remote towns? Maybe I’ll be able to transport cattle. And I’m not being facetious here, this all does sound quite fun.

We’ve not got a release date yet, but you can’t rush these things. Truckers have to abide by speed limits as well, you know.