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California loses a city, but gains much more in its American Truck Simulator revamp

A big series of revamps are still to come for American Truck Simulator's California

Driving through the revamped California of American Truck Simulator

Pour one out for the citizens of San Rafael, who will no longer see their city represented in American Truck Simulator as of the next California revamp. It’s getting replaced by an unnamed, brand-new city that will be larger, and play a bigger role in California’s next revamp. As in, the revamp that’s coming after the upcoming revamp.

For context, Phase 1 of the California revamp happened back in update 1.41. Phase 2 is the subject of today’s info from the devs, where San Rafael will be replaced with a new city, and five other towns – Eureka, Ukiah, Sacramento, Redding, and Truckee – along with their surrounding areas, will be completely rebuilt from the ground up.

San Rafael’s replacement city “will be larger and of much greater importance in California’s road network in Phase 3”. The devs at SCS Software are still trying to determine exactly what Phase 3 will look like, but currently it involves a rework for the San Francisco bay area with “massive changes”.

As the devs explain in the full blog post, “our plan is to bring California up to the current DLC standard, as it is usually the player’s first location when starting with American Truck Simulator. We believe that revisiting these areas will be beneficial for both us, the developers, and you – our players, which is why we are happy to continue to revamp California along with plans to continue the rework of other US states in the future.”

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