Amnesia The Bunker detonator handle location

The detonator handle is one of the main items you need to grab in Amnesia: The Bunker. Following this guide will tell you exactly how to get it.

Searching for the Amnesia the Bunker detonator handle will bring you to a large statue under a dim light

Where is the detonator handle in Amnesia The Bunker? It’s one of a few mysteriously placed items in the newest Amnesia game, and one which might have you scratching your head as you attempt to locate it. Fear not though, or try not to at least, because we’ve been brave and jumped in to find it for you. Just follow our instructions, and you’ll be safe. Sort of.

For one of the best horror games out there, the Amnesia series always manages to impress with its eerie settings, but in Amnesia The Bunker that’s cranked up a notch as you’re tasked with remaining as silent as possible as you avoid the Stalker. In your quest to do so, you might want some help to find the detonator handle.

On your quest to find the Amnesia the Bunker detonator handle you will come across a gate which needs bolt cutters to open

How to get the detonator handle

The detonator handle in Amnesia The Bunker is located in the Arsenal but can only be found after you have first located the bolt cutters. 

One of the last things you’ll need to grab in Amnesia The Bunker is the detonator handle, which you’ll use in conjunction with the dynamite. You won’t be able to get this until you have the bolt cutters, however, so make sure to grab those and then head to the Arsenal. I also recommend bringing a grenade, just in case. There’s a collapsed pathway into the tunnels, so crawl through the rubble. You’ll come to a locked gate, so use the bolt cutters on it and open the way. You’ll then approach some water, so get swimming. Head to the back right and you’ll see a crate in between shelves. Pull it back and then dive and swim through.

Swim to the power lever and pull it. Then head back the way you came and turn on the generator. Next, head right back, going the same way. Only, this time, you’ll enter the tunnel. There’s a board and a crate in the way, so move them to proceed onward. Move along the linear path and save your game at the lantern above the wooden tables.

Proceed to the right to find a broken wall. Head down the linear path again you’ll find yourself in a foggy area with a man singing. There’s an open door on your right to head through. You’ll see the man’s silhouette first, but it will vanish, as his model isn’t there just yet.

Beware of the rat when searching for the detonator handle in Amnesia the Bunker

Go through the door and he’ll shoot at a rat. Shortly afterward, you can actually interact with him. If he spots you, he’ll shoot at you. Either shoot him with your gun or get him with a grenade. He’ll drop a shotgun.

Head forward and unlock the door at the end on your left, then open it. There should be a brick on a bench right behind you. Go through. Alternatively, you can go the other way, but there’s a locked wooden door in your way. It’s easily findable as it’s directly to the left of a lit statue. Use a grenade to blow it up or get the brick and throw it.

You'll need a grenade to find the detonator handle in Amnesia the Bunker

Through this door, you’ll find the detonator handle. You can go further to find a hole in the wall and move debris out of the way to get in, but this leads to a familiar location and isn’t the way forward, although it has a dog tag that will unlock plot-critical lore. The left side of the room has a door you can unlock to make it back to another part of the area. You’ll need to drag a large box near the ledge you entered from and then drag a smaller box near it to be able to jump onto it. That’s all you need to do to get the detonator handle in Amnesia The Bunker.

Now that you’ve found another essential item on your traversal through this spine-chilling adventure, you might want to check out our initial reactions to the game in our Amnesia The Bunker preview, and see if we found the detonator handle before you did.