Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is considering a regular talk show on Twitch

Among Us streamer of the moment and, perhaps more notably, US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could become a more prominent fixture on Twitch soon. During a recent livestream with the leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party Jagmeet Singh and pals, AOC shared that she had an idea to host a more regular “Twitch show” where she plays a game with someone of interest and interviews them.

“I’ve been thinking about picking out a game, or learning a game if the person I’m interviewing is already very much into a game, and playing with them on a semi-regular basis,” AOC says. “Perhaps a new person every week or every month.”

Ocasio-Cortez also explains that the idea came after her first stream, as she wanted to do it again but didn’t necessarily have the capacity to know who to stream with. Her first Among Us stream came back in October with fellow representative Ilhan Omar where she used the platform to encourage people to vote in the US Presidential Election. It brought in over 400,000 viewers.

Her last stream came a few days ago and was used as an opportunity to fundraise for local food pantries, eviction defence legal aid, and community support organisations.

Alongside Singh and Omar, Ocasio-Cortez also played with Sony Santa Monica games writer Alanah Pearce and streamer xQc. All in all, they managed to raise $200k for charity.

If you fancy seeing the clip for yourself, AOC chats about the idea around the four-hour mark.

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