The latest Among Us patch fixes a number of pesky minigame bugs

There were a few troublesome minigames that had some bugs, thankfully this latest Among Us update addresses these problems

Do you like bug fixes? Do you like social deduction games? If so, you’ll love the latest Among Us patch (well, want to know about, anyhow). Yes, we know there isn’t much to talk about with this update, but the devs promise we’ll be hearing much more at The Game Awards next month. We can expect to see an official trailer for the new map, and, dare we say it, maybe even a release date.

In a new blog post, Innersloth’s new community director has given fans a sneak preview of what’s coming to Among Us. The first thing on the dev’s list of priorities is sorting out an account system for all players. Not only will this make it easier to add random people as friends when playing public games, it’ll help to weed out any toxic players. Among Us currently has no way to report disruptive players, but it looks like Innersloth is fully aware of this and will be taking action as soon as possible.

Innersloth is also trying to get the game localised for different regions so that everyone can enjoy the game. Right now, the plan is to add support for these languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish EU and LA, Dutch, Russian, BR and EU Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino (Bisaya).

Here are all the changes being made in the latest Among Us v2020.11.17 update:

Among Us v2020.11.17 balance changes

  • Comms sabotage hides task arrows
  • Comms red light no longer immediately responds to the correct position

Among Us v2020.11.17 bug fixeS

  • Fixed camera flinging on security cams
  • Fixed inaccurate admin table on Polus
  • Fixed Polus panels reachable through walls
  • Fix solo-complete reactor/seismic exploit
  • Fix align engine exploit and softlock

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